It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to your enemies, but a great deal more to stand up to your friends.

George Johnson is at it again

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Last night, Ellen Babbit, who works for George Johnson, told me that “we” had a problem because George didn't want me at the Oasis Golf Club.  Last night was the monthly San Tan Valley Republican Club meeting, which is held at the Oasis, of which I am a paid member.

I smiled and asked why? She told me that he doesn't like that I allow people to share their views (on and post “bad things” about him on the site.  I said, that's unfortunate but I appreciated her sharing George's views with me.  I started to walk away and she mentioned that it was private property.  I again smiled and reminded her that the big sign out front states "Public Welcome", that this was a private event that I am a paying member of, and if George has something to say to me, I'd be happy to speak with him.  Ellen then scooted off towards George, and told him “She said she isn't going to leave.”

“No Ellen, I actually told you that if George has something he wants to say to me, I would love to hear it.”  So what do you think happened next?

George told me that he didn't want me “there” (at the Oasis) because I put all kinds of bad stuff out there about him and he just wanted me to leave.  I told him it was a shame that he felt that way but appreciated him sharing his views with me.  

George left and I stayed.  For a few minutes that is, because shortly thereafter, a “big burly”, Oasis shirt wearing man came up to me to tell me that I have already been told once to leave. I agreed and explained that I was working for someone (helping someone with their phone and social media) and that as soon as I was ready I would leave.  He then told me, “look, she (Ellen) is on the phone with the Sheriff's Office to have you removed".

“Really?” I asked with a smile. “Again, I will leave when I am done helping this person.”

I finished up what I was doing and quietly left.

So here is what I think is so amazing about this experience.

  • George Johnson knows how powerful is at getting information out to people. I'm flattered that he and Ellen follow the site to see who is saying what :)
  • Several Republican club members were present and they all sat there and said nothing. Here's a tip for those that sat by and watched: “The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is that Good Men Do Nothing”
Tisha Castillo

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