It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to your enemies, but a great deal more to stand up to your friends.

Do NOT Friend a Business Page

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There are very few people that you know that aren't on Facebook. We “friend” people that aren't friends and “like” pages just for the heck of it. Most people spend their time thumbing through groups and comments posted by unhappy people with a sudden surge of confidence that they normally wouldn't have when speaking face to face. Whether you choose to engage in the negativity or block it out, there is something that none of you should ever do …. do NOT FRIEND a business page.

So what's the big deal right? Facebook allows each person to have one personal account. From that personal account each person can create an unlimited number of pages. Pages are typically used for business and allow you to LIKE a business to follow their posts. There are businesses however that are asking you to friend them and for these I say NO!

When you walk into a business, how many of you tell the staff there all about our life, your contact info, your kids, where you are, what you like, etc? Crazy right? Most of you don't even want to share an email address to get discounts.

So what happens when you FRIEND a business account? You give them access to your life! Everything you share, post, like, comment on, is now on their wall. They know where you grew up, where you live, who your friends are, what your kids do, how to contact you and more. You give them access to market to all of your friends and what they do too. Is there a business out there that you think you should give that much information to? NO!

So don't “Friend” a business page. If you are a business asking others to friend you, call me. I can help you. If you are a business organization who is responsible to help businesses flourish, STOP. You don't know what you're doing and you're not doing your followers any good.

LIKE my personal page or my business page and I will show you how to grow your business – the right way.

Tisha Castillo

Just a personal blog where I will share My 2 Cents on whatever comes to my mind.  Might be about a product, an app, a business, the area or simply to clear up any misinformation.  


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