It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to your enemies, but a great deal more to stand up to your friends.

I thought it was up to the people

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I heard about an event a couple of weeks ago that I was looking forward to participating in. Now before you start getting excited, no I wasn't excluded or asked to leave, however several others were and I have to say I was a bit confused.

The event was put on by a precinct district chairperson and was advertised as an event that would help get “Good Republicans” elected. It was to be an all day event, with food provided for all volunteers who spent the day stuffing 3000 bags with political materials to distribute throughout the precinct. I thought it would be great to be part of and was looking forward to spending time with other volunteers and candidates.  That was until I found it out that not ALL Republican candidates were allowed to attend or have their materials included. I thought WTH? You're kidding right?

So before I jumped to any conclusions, being the rules person I am, I started calling certain people in the party that I thought might be able to enlighten me and possibly clear up the confusion. After speaking with about half a dozen people, here is what I found out – although it's kind of frowned upon, there was nothing “really” wrong with a precinct district chairperson endorsing certain candidates, and excluding others. Say what?

So I started thinking... There weren't any “rules” that would prevent someone from doing that, but I wonder how many people realize that when a PC or a district chairperson comes knocking on your door, that they don't have to tell you about all of the candidates running in the party? I mean I understand and respect the fact that a person can share their views with you and if asked could even tell you who “their” favorite is, but how does the party allow elected representatives to exclude party candidates – just because? I mean it's the flippin primary isn't it? Isn't it up to the registered voters of the party to determine who the candidate will be in the general election? Isn't it kind of tough to let that happen when the party is preventing the information from getting out?

I would think that once you “step up” into a leadership role, that you have to be willing to bite your tongue at times and play fair across the board. If you only want to represent your opinion, than don't become a representative of 'something'.

The party should be getting together, creating walking lists and making sure that political marketing materials from all of the party's candidates are included when walking the precincts. The “representatives” should be representing the party, not their own interests.

If the party is really interested in getting 'the people' to educate themselves on the candidates and cast their vote for the candidate they want to represent the party, then all candidates should be included.

Right now however it looks like the party, or its representatives, are deciding who the public should know about and my 2 cents are, that's just wrong.

Tisha Castillo

Just a personal blog where I will share My 2 Cents on whatever comes to my mind.  Might be about a product, an app, a business, the area or simply to clear up any misinformation.  

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