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Right before the movie I told my girlfriends, "I just hope I'm not let down or disappointed with the movie".

I have been waiting for months to go see Tammy, ever since I saw the first preview actually.  I love Melissa McCarthy!  Her characters are incredible and her humor, though at times may be inappropriate, is flippin hilarious. I loved Identity Thief, The Heat and Bridesmaids was hysterical.  I can't think of a movie that she has been in that hasn't cracked me up.  

The previews for Tammy were great!  McCarthy's facial expressions, obnoxious behavior and talent to make the most insane characters seem all too familiar is awesome.  That is why I had to be sure I was at the theater on opening day at the first showing - I had to see Tammy - I soooo needed to laugh.

We planned a girl's night out for opening day.  We all piled into one vehicle and headed up to San Tan Village Mall for dinner and a movie.  We had a great dinner and got to the theater early - so early that most of us had finished our popcorn before we were even allowed in the theater.  We had assumed it would be busy and wanted to be sure we could get good seats, and seats together.  We did - we were the first people in the theater - front row (in the top section), foot rest built in (the bar) and right in the center.  During previews I already decided that next month's outing needs to be to go see "Let's Be Cops".  Holy cow the previews had me almost crying! Couple more previews to run through and then it was time for the Feature Presentation - Tammy.....................

So what did I think?  Tammy was a ......... cute movie.  Was I let down or disappointed?  Initially yes.  Of course my insanely overly analytical brain had to reassess the situation and figure out why I was disappointed ... was it because I built it up too much in my own mind? Was it a bad movie?  Were the actors a flop? Why did I leave the theater confused as to whether or not I even liked the movie?  

After thinking about it for quite some time last night and again this morning I've come to this conclusion - the movie was actually a good movie and yes it was cute.  It just wasn't the "type" of movie that I wanted to see last night.  I was craving a "make my stomach hurt from laughing so hard" kind of comedy, but this was more of a drama with comedy in it.  McCarthy was great.  Still love her and it had a star studded cast, that's for sure, and the story line was cute.  

Would I see it again?  Yep - but next time on RedBox.  Would I recommend everyone run out to see it and pay $10 per head at the theater?  Nah.  But what I would recommend is to get a group of people together, that you enjoy hanging out with.  This movie isn't over the top, so even your more "sensitive" friends will enjoy the movie and won't be offended.  Have them all over to the house.  Enjoy a pot luck maybe, some good conversation and wrap up the evening with an informal viewing of the movie.  Potty breaks won't require you to stop the movie, neither will getting drink refills or passing the chips.  

Bottom line:  Tammy is a cute movie, funny parts, a star studded cast and Melissa McCarthy. 



Tisha Castillo

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