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Transformers- Age of Extinction

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After watching Transformers Dark of the Moon, we weren't super excited about seeing the 4th in the series, Transformers Age of Extinction.  

Decided to give it a shot anyway and was just hoping I wasn't totally disappointed.  Have to say, I was so glad I saw this one - it was awesome!

Really liked how different the story line was and I loved Mark Wahlberg in it (but who doesn't).  Yes the movie is three hours long but it never seemed to drag on. (*Note - do not fill up a loyalty cup and guzzle it before the previews are over - you will probably have to take a potty break half way through if you do.)

Lots of explosions and mechanical fights, Mark Wahlberg, a new story line, still the weird filming angle that Michael Bay seems to love, and no Megan Fox (sorry but I'm not a fan). Put that all together and this flick is definitely worth seeing.

Initially I was a little concerned about Shia Labeouf not being in the film, but I never like it when a series switches the actor as the main character.  The new actor for each batman movie was so annoying and I was crushed when they swapped out Superman last time too.  That said however, the story line was changed up so much, I think it was a good thing that they had someone else play the role.  Had they tried to have Mark Wahlberg play Shia Labeouf's character, that would have been a bad call in my opinion, but they didn't do that.  Mark Wahlberg did a great job, as usual, and his character was perfect.

This is a movie I was glad I saw in a theater vs waiting for RedBox or Netflix.  Didn't mind paying $7.50 for the ticket either. Great flick - go see it.


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