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Shope & Pratt are NOT good for San Tan Valley

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For months I have heard about complaints about candidates turning away from their party by voting for or against "ObamaCare" and "Common Core".  I've heard about votes cast that have lined their pockets, conflicts of interest that were ignored, money trails from questionable sources to puppet picked candidates and unfortunately that's just the beginning.

Most of these attacks are targeted towards incumbents with a "track record" that have served in the House of Representatives or Senate, although some politicians seeking election have jumped on that buzzword bandwagon hoping to pull some votes for themselves by throwing others under the bus, but that's for a different article.  

With all of the name calling and mud slinging though, I am stunned at how few local people are calling incumbents out on what they did for the area/district they were elected to represent.  I have a news flash for you - our local representatives did NOTHING for our local area, and the area I am referring to is San Tan Valley, which sits in LD8, LD16 and even a part of LD12.  (I am going to focus on LD8, because that is my district and I am sharing my 2 cents.)

Talks of government overreach and demands that local government take back control .... funny when you think about it huh? Government overreach .... would that include the statute that grants other local governments veto power against areas wanting to allow their residents to VOTE on incorporation?  Do you not think that our incumbents, who were elected to represent our area, would have at some time written a bill, co-sponsored a bill or done something to support legislation that would allow us the right to vote on the topic?  

Our incumbents did no such thing and are not what's best for San Tan Valley.  One of them has actually served more than one term and has failed this area time after time after time, but continues to be re-elected by his high funding donors and those they manipulate.  

There was actually a bill written that addressed incorporation back in 2011 that gave other areas the right to vote on the issue, with the exception of Pinal County.  Frank Pratt voted in favor of that bill and he was re-elected in 2012 to represent LD8.  Click here to read about other bills that Pratt sponsored or co-sponsored during this last session.

In 2012, Pratt was joined by newcomer TJ Shope.  Both had 2 years to address the issue.  When I asked Shope specifically why he did nothing over the last 2 years, he told me that he "had no idea it was an issue".  You see Shope waits until he gets at least 5 emails in his "leg email" before he thinks it's important and he just didn't think it was important to anyone.  Shope is now running for re-election in LD8 because he is the best fit to represent "his" needs, not "our" needs.  Curious what he was up to this past session?  Click here to read about all of the bills he sponsored or co-sponsored.  

Lastly we have David Farnsworth, Senator in LD16 who is seeking to be re-elected.  After telling me to my face, and many others as well, that he was going to introduce a bill this past legislative session to address the 6 mile rule, he received a phone call from a certain incorporation opponent and got scared off.  Apparently he is looking out for "his" best interests as well.  Click here to read what Farnsworth spent his time doing last session.

So what does all of this mean to me?  After all, I am just sharing my 2 cents :)  We have one Representative (Pratt LD8) who voted in favor of a bill to exclude Pinal County from the right to vote on incorporation, we have a Senator (Farnsworth LD16) who was spooked with one call and went back on his word to sponsor a bill to give our area the right to vote on the issue and then we have another Representative (Shope LD8) who didn't realize San Tan Valley wanted a voice and never knew it was an issue at all. 

Anyone think the primary coming up on Aug 26th is important now?  

Tisha Castillo

Just a personal blog where I will share My 2 Cents on whatever comes to my mind.  Might be about a product, an app, a business, the area or simply to clear up any misinformation.  


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