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You'd Think I Was Running For Office

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OMG! I cannot believe how nervous I am about the primary election tomorrow! You'd think I was running! Please please please vote tomorrow, if you haven't already. In LD 8 the # of registered voters per party has changed: There are 29,000+ Independents, 28,000+ Democrats & only 23,000+ Republicans. Independents will make the difference.

Vote for the candidates you have vetted, that not only represent your values but are also willing to make the tough choices when it's the right choice. Someone who will represent all of his/her constituents. Someone who can cross the lines for discussion, lead when needed and follow when necessary. Someone who not only wants to come to the table, but someone who has the know how to come up with solutions.

In my area I ask that all of you vote for the following candidates that are running for local/county offices: Amanda Stanford for Clerk of the Superior Court, Ron LeDuc for Constable & Ty Morgan for JP District 1 (Ty Morgan is running for the district just south of mine covering Anthem, Florence, Coolidge. My district is uncontested ) These offices enforce the current laws & we need people in office that can do so without bias.

In the state races, look to the candidates that have a history & experience. Candidates that have made a difference in and out of office. Look at the financials filed ... who is paid for and by whom? Tomorrow's primary matters.

County Financial Reports
Statewide Financial Reports


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