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To lose a child & then worry how to afford the burial

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This morning on the way to taking my son to school, I was thinking about all of the families over the last several weeks that have had to unexpectedly bury a child. My heart breaks for each of the families that have suffered this type of loss as a result of such tragic accidents.

While I normally joke with excitement about September being Life Insurance Awareness Month, I couldn't help but think that if each of these families would have had some type of life insurance policy for their children, they could be taking the time to mourn their loss, instead of trying to figure out how to bury their baby. 

While I was thinking about this, a dear friend called me with the same thoughts on her heart and our conversation has encouraged me to put my thoughts in writing to share.

While gofundme accounts are being created left and right, and funds are pouring in from our amazing community to help these families, I can't help but hope that from these heartbreaking incidents, we can all take something from them, a lesson maybe, that might help prepare others if they ever find themselves in a similar situation.

To be sure that no one thinks I am using this time to solicit services, I am not an insurance agent, I do not work for an insurance agency and I have nothing to gain by suggesting anyone get life insurance.  I am simply a mom whose heart breaks for any mom (or dad) who has to bury their child. The thought of losing a child and then having to figure out how to find the funds to lay your baby to rest is more than I think I could handle. 

Please consider speaking to a local insurance agent about life insurance options.  I happen to work with Ty Schraufnagel with American Family Insurance and highly recommend him, but if you don't speak with Ty, please just speak with someone.  While I hope that none of you ever have to suffer such a loss, if something does happen and you find yourself in this heartbreaking situation, knowing that you can afford to have your baby laid to rest, will be one less thing for you to have to think about, giving you more time to remember your loved one and mourn your loss.

Tisha Castillo

Just a personal blog where I will share My 2 Cents on whatever comes to my mind.  Might be about a product, an app, a business, the area or simply to clear up any misinformation.  


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