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What is Sheriff Paul up to now?

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For the last year or so I've been wondering what Sheriff Paul is up to.  

With frequent visits to D.C., appearances on Fox 10, CNN, interviews with Bill O'Reilly & countless other TV appearances, he has definitely been working the national circuit.  

He also provided quite a bit of funding, from his Paul Babeu for Arizona PAC, to select candidates who ran this past year, even hosting a Gubernatorial Candidate Forum before the primary and making several appearances across the state with Republican Candidate Christine Jones, before she was defeated in the primary by Doug Ducey.  Sheriff Paul sends out frequent emails blasting President Obama and is always soliciting for donations to help the Sheriff's cause.  When you start to put these pieces together, it just doesn't seem like "stuff" a typical county sheriff would be engaged in.  Certainly not anything any other Pinal County Sheriff has ever done, so I've been wondering, what is Sheriff Paul up to? 

While scrolling through twitter last night, I stumbled across a tweet that caught my eye.  It read "Babeu launches federal PAC, silent on run for Congress" with a link to a news article on  It appears that Sheriff Paul has not only formed a PAC (which was actually formed earlier in the year) but filed his organization paperwork on December 1, 2014, after having collected more than $5000 in donations. The PAC's name is Paul Babeu for America.  

Anyone else curious now as to what Sheriff Paul is up to?

For anyone who follows politics or even simply what goes on in Pinal County, you know that politics, plotting and planning are not seasonal.  They aren't worked on during election years.  It is a 24/7/365 plan that never stops.  So does reading that Sheriff Paul's "PAC isn't necessarily a sign Babeu wants to run again for the U.S. House of Representatives or Senate. But he might" surprising? Not at all. Does reading Michael Noble being quoted as saying "We haven't talked about that yet" seem truthful?  Not at all.  Of course it's been talked about.  This is Sheriff Paul and this is politics.  

You see, whether or not you like Sheriff Paul or what he does, I don't think anyone out there could deny that he loves politics.  He knows how to play the game and he loves it.  He has plans and he does what is necessary to get there.  He is well spoken and quite charismatic to boot.  He seems to understand the general public's fears and concerns and knows exactly which topics will garner the greatest support from the voting public. He knows what he's doing and he does it all quite well.  So is anyone really surprised that Sheriff Paul maybe wasn't planning on being a 20+ year Sheriff of Pinal County?  

As I look back over the years that I've known Sheriff Paul, I see things very differently now than I did back then.  I have definitely learned a lot about him, his family, his past life and his choices.  Some of the choices he has made I completely disagree with and others while I may still not agree with the choice, I at least understand why he made them and that makes me look at things much differently.  As a result of my own jog down memory lane, it finally seems to make sense why Sheriff Paul and I may have been on opposite sides of the fence for quite some time.  

You see I used to think that when someone ran for office, they ran for office to address issues & concerns in that office.  They were passionate about what they could do today with hopes of what they could accomplish by the end of their term, in that office. I never thought that someone would run for office simply to pad a resume to get to a 'higher" office.  Now I know that nine out of ten times, that is exactly what happens.  Sheriff Paul is definitely not the only politician to do this, nor will he be the last.

I knew from day one that Sheriff Paul wasn't planning on retiring as Sheriff Paul and that concerned me.  I was concerned because I wanted someone in office, that was going to give 100% to that office.  He was becoming the top cop of the county for the only law enforcement agency that was to take care of my community.   If he didn't focus on that job 100%, how effective could be?  How safe would my community end up?  

But Paul Babeu had a bigger vision, bigger plans.  Becoming Sheriff Paul has allowed him to create a national brand to gain the recognition that he wanted and needed.  He has been training for his future political career, like a college student interning for a large corporation.  Enhance your skills, make your contacts and go.  

Sheriff Paul was never meant to be or retire as a county sheriff.  He craves a bigger platform, believes he can impact a larger group of people and make the difference that he thinks is needed.  He has always had bigger dreams and I believe that sooner than later we will learn not only what Sheriff Paul has been up to, but what his next plan is moving forward.  Then again, what do I know? I'm just sharing #my2cents.

So what do you think?  Will Sheriff Paul run for McCain's seat?  If he does will he stop there or will he continue to train so that he can run for an even higher office?  Maybe President of the United States?  

Tisha Castillo

Just a personal blog where I will share My 2 Cents on whatever comes to my mind.  Might be about a product, an app, a business, the area or simply to clear up any misinformation.  


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