It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to your enemies, but a great deal more to stand up to your friends.

When did asking questions become a bad thing?

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Stopped in at Walmart, with my kids, a little bit ago to pick up some eye drops, recommended to me by the amazing Dr John Ketcher with Infocus Eyecare because I have a left eye that "cries" all day long lol.

As I'm standing there with my daughter, a little boy, maybe 3 years old, walks over to me and my daughter and asks why she has "that thing" pointing at her seeing eye cane. As he was asking, his mother/grandmother/caregiver, snaps at him, tells him to "shush his mouth" and grabs him to pull him away.

I smiled and thanked him for asking, told him that she used it to help her see because she can't see really well and as he's being dragged down the aisle, he says, "Oh I get it. It keeps her safe so she won't fall down" :)

Yes precious little boy - you are right and I am sorry that your caregiver wanted to stop you from asking questions and tried to make you think that noticing that something is different and wanting to know why was somehow a bad thing.

Please keep asking questions little one. Keep learning. Embrace everything that is different about everyone.

How can someone grow and learn to accept differences if the simple act of asking a question is taught to be unacceptable?  His innocence and curiosity was being stiffled because his caregiver was afraid.  

Please ... if you see me or my daughter walking somewhere and want to know something about her or myself, ASK!  I have taught my kids to ask questions and to answer them.  Don't be afraid to ask and embrace when someone is curious.  Keep learning my friends ... it's the only way we will ever evolve to something better.


Tisha Castillo

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