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#2: Stop Buying Health Sh#t


Being healthy shouldn't be expensive, in fact it should be a more affordable way of living because you aren't wasting your money on gadgets, potions, pills or fake promises.

Hey there, it's me, Tisha Castillo, your host on The Sickening Truth. In this episode, I'm talking about a recent health convention I went to and how my excitement for the event turned into some disappointment and sadness. While I'm still glad I went to the event, it was sad to see how other attendees reacted to the event. We live in a world that has brain washed us all to look for that magic pill or potion that will take away all of our issues and make us "healthy".  

They don't folks ... and our need for quick fixes is exactly why big food and big pharma are so flipping big.

So join me on The Sickening Truth as we explore the root causes of chronic diseases and how we can make positive changes to live healthier, longer lives. Let's dive in and uncover the truth together.
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