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Let me introduce you to Tisha Talk


The who, what, and why of Tisha Talk …

Holy cow! I cannot believe after all of these years, I am finally publishing my first blog post, and am so excited about what is yet to come! Not only am I excited to be writing this right now, but I am even more flipping excited knowing that YOU are here reading it! Can I get a YAHOO!! My name is Tisha Castillo, and I am the author of Tisha Talk. I have been wanting to start this blog for more than a decade. It's something I have been passionate about for as long as I can remember. When I decided to write this intro blog, I felt just like I did when I was contacted by my college and asked to speak at graduation. I thought, "Wow! Awesome opportunity, of course, I'll do it!" Which was quickly followed by "Holy crap! What in the world am I going to talk about?" I was told to share my story at that time and I gotta say, over time that's what I'll do. Today, I just want to give you a little taste of who I am and what you can expect to read here.

So who am I?

I think for most, this is the part where I'm supposed to rattle off all of my credentials and my professional bio of sorts, but come on, all that does is tell you what I do, not who I am or what I'm like. Of course, what I do professionally is good to know, especially when you may be considering whether or not you want to pay attention to what I share but let me tell you this:

I'm a woman. I'm a mom. I'm a wife. I'm a small business owner. I'm a daughter. I'm a friend. I love to dance (yes, like no one is watching) and I love spending time with my 2 adult children and my husband. I especially enjoy cooking and adapting recipes which I then serve to my family and anxiously wait to see if their faces light up. Very few things light me up more than "This is so good Mom!" or "Honey, WOW! This is great!"

I've had struggles. I've had losses. I've had wins. I work hard, sometimes too hard, and I love even harder. I am grateful for the life I have and for every laugh, smile, tear, and emotion I feel, and I am especially grateful that you are here. Why? Well besides giving you tips that are simple and proven to help you restore your metabolic health to reverse disease and lose weight, I'm hoping it becomes a safe place where you'll always feel welcome. A place you can come for questions about health, nutrition, and wellness. A new home online where you'll trust the information that I share is not only NOT funded by big pharma or the processed food industry but is evidence-based and easy to understand. I also hope it opens a door for us to get to know each other. Know that your thoughts, comments, and ideas are always welcome.

What Tisha Talk is all about…

I think expectations are always great to start off with. Kind of like the "housekeeping rules" before any meeting begins. Tisha Talk is going to be about a bunch of random health s%^*t. Okay, maybe not random, but totally all about health and nutrition. I'm going to take the time to teach you why you don't feel good anymore. I'm going to write about insulin resistance and metabolic dysfunction, chronic diseases including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, pre-diabetes, Type 2 diabetes, PCOS and so much more. I'm going to write about processed foods, marketing ploys by big food and big pharma, and how you've been misled and misinformed. I'm going to help you understand why you are getting sicker and heavier, and I am going to tell you over and over again …. It is NOT because you eat too much or move too little. I'm going to share as much as I can about what to eat (and why) including recipes you can make at home, what to eat when you go out, and oh yeah, how to survive the holidays. Bottom line, if you don't feel like you did 10-20 years ago, or if you're worried about how you're going to feel as you "get more experienced" (clear my throat aka "get older"), Tisha Talk will be your go-to for support. This site is for you to find tips, tricks, and the truth about almost anything in the health and nutrition space. I also hope you find inspiration, useful advice, and relatable and helpful content.

I can't wait to connect with you! Leave me a comment below to tell me a bit about yourself and what you hope to see here.

Why a blog?

I know there are a bunch of ways to get information out there. Some of you like to read, some like to listen and others like to watch. I get it. Me too! But to be completely honest with you, blogging is just easier for me. Kind of selfish sounding huh? It really isn't though, I promise! It's more about how I can comfortably get consistent content out to you. That is what's most important to me—getting you the information you need, in small bite-sized pieces, so that you can make the necessary changes to improve your health and wellness. Also, at this time in my life, the idea of a recording studio for a podcast or youtube channel is not even on my list of things I want to do. With time, however, I am sure I'll expand by offering my content in multiple formats and on multiple platforms, but for now, Tisha Talk is where it's at! So bookmark my site, follow me on social and sign up for my newsletter so you don't miss a beat.

Thank you for being here!

So that's a wrap! But before I go, I want to say THANK YOU. Yes, thank you for being here and reading my first blog post. I am so grateful and excited that you are here (and that you made it to the end lol). I hope you always find value in what I share and that you continue to follow along. Please leave me any comments or ideas for what you would like to see here and don't forget to join my e-mail newsletter so you get notified of new posts. You'll even get a special thank you gift for doing so!

With gratitude,

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