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The Sickening Truth About "Natural Causes" and Heart Disease

So, let's talk about Lance Reddick, one of the main characters from the John Wick series. At the age of 60, he passed away due to "natural causes," which in this case meant heart disease. But wait a minute, since when is heart disease considered a natural cause of death?

Growing up, many of us associated natural causes with the peaceful passing of elderly relatives who had lived long, fulfilling lives. But it seems like the definition of natural causes has taken a strange turn. Nowadays, natural causes can include anything from cancer to diabetes. It's pretty shocking that we've reached a point where we consider chronic diseases as natural causes of death.

Now, let's dive into the heart disease issue. The scary part about heart disease is that it doesn't always have noticeable symptoms. It can silently damage your body until one day, out of the blue, you suffer a heart attack or stroke. Sometimes, you survive; other times, your death certificate reads "died of natural causes," just like Lance Reddick.

And here's another mind-blowing fact: heart disease is the number one killer in adults. It causes one in five deaths, and a heart attack happens every 40 seconds nationwide. With such alarming stats, you'd think we'd have better advice on how to stay healthy, right? Well, not exactly.

Most of us have been told to follow the food pyramid, eat more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and avoid fats and animal proteins. But guess what? That advice might not be the best for everyone. Instead of helping us stay healthy, these guidelines might actually be making us sicker.

The problem is that we're often too focused on treating symptoms with medication or supplements, which only mask or silence the real issues. It's like covering our ears when a baby cries – the baby doesn't stop crying; we just can't hear it. Our healthcare system has become a sickness industry, where big food and big pharma profit from our prolonged illnesses and dependence on their products.

So, what do we do now? It's time to break this cycle and take control of our health. We need to unlearn the misguided information we've been fed and dig deeper into the truth about what's truly making us sick. By focusing on the root causes of our symptoms and chronic conditions, we can regain control over our health and lead happier, healthier lives.

If this conversation resonated with you, consider sharing it with friends and family. Together, we can raise awareness about the sickening truth behind "natural causes" and heart disease and work towards a healthier future.

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